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Jacqueline & Christian, the Love-Story

Ex girl-friends can be good for...

It is a beautiful day in spring 2006 on Friday 12 th May when Jacqueline and Christian's ways cross for the first time. In the Zurich City Hall the graduation of Julia takes place, to which both are invited. Jacqueline and Julia got to know each other at Uster Hospital during practical work in summer 2005. Julia was Christian's girl-friend at the time of his sportsaccident in September 2000.

Jacqueline arrives from work in Lucerne. Due to scarce seating space in the City Hall Foyer she leans on a pillar near the door and watches from the side. An instant later a jovial good-looking young man in a wheelchair comes in during the festivities. From what Julia had explained, Jacqueline knows immediately, that this sincere man is Christian Wenk. She smiles at him amicably - he smiles back
friendly wondering : who is this enchanting young lady?

After the graduation Julia's parents invite out for dinner in the Zurich Oldtown. During the mexican meal Christian and Jacqueline engage in conversation. They feel a growing friendliness but both emphasize, that they are bound and happy. Christian mentions that as an ongoing internist doctor he wants to practice with a G.P. to get an insight. Jacqueline - what a coincidence! - both parents being doctors, answers that her father being a general practitioner himself, has the authorization to instruct and coach doctor assistants for a period of six months. A fact that Christian will remember in due course.........

...the heart of the daughter's mother...

in November 2006 Dr. med. Christian Wenk makes an application for a job as assistant doctor of Dr. René Hartmeier in Bassersdorf. Working in the vicinity at Bülach hospital and living nearby in Zurich, having met his daughter Jacqueline before, gives him the best chance for an interview! After an emergency case experience together, Christian gets the approval and the contract.

April 2007 Christian starts work at the office of Dres. Hartmeier.

At this specific moment his state is at mark zero. A relationship ended at the beginning of 2007, his work at the hospital was not estimated and in two months freetime he hadn't found the energy and motivation for music or sports. How liberating are the warmth, estimation and generosity he feels in the new environment! Not only does he receive a warm reception by the team and patients
but also a hearty welcome in the family Hartmeier, especially by 'Frau Doktor' like a son. Christian quickly grows fond of the Hartmeiers, not only Judy and René, also 'Grosi' and 'Grandma' and of course Alexandra, Jacqueline's younger sister, who still lives at home and prepares a snack lunch for 'the doctors'. It is not unusual that Christian stays for an evening meal after a long day's work, that the 'men folk' visit a medical congress together or take part in sports events like old friends... one with handbike, the other on inline skates!

As Jacqueline is in St.Gallen at the midwife's school and not much at home at the weekends, Christian and Jacqueline don't happen to meet often.

In April Jacqueline's long relationship breaks up. Although she is more likely to be at home in Bassersdorf, she is preocccupied with demanding studies. She has hardly eyes for Christian, having sworn to herself to keep away from young men for some time yet and not to get tangled up so soon!

It is 9th June 2007 Saturday after handing in her study paperwork Jacqueline invites for her Birthday party. Her colleagues and friends are here, it is a beautiful evening and all are having a super time at a grill party on the spacious terrace. At 11 pm the door bell rings: Christian appears with a gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers, after attending a sports event the whole day! It becomes noticeable even to nearly 90 year old Grosi, that Christian and Jacqueline are flirting!

The next morning Christian contacts Jacqueline per SMS and asks her out for an evening meal that same day! Spontaneously and overjoyed she agrees. Meeting point Stadelhofen station, stroll along Lake of Zurich and dîner at the Fischerstube lakeside... what a date! Conversation about all and everything and an air of confidence moving up close together on the quai at dusk looking towards the clouds on the horizon... it was a wonderful romantic evening in high spirits!

Nevertheless Jacqueline is convinced to stay single for at least half a year! Little did she realise, that Christian's magic had already captured her.... After only two days she comes home from St Gallen as an excuse to see him! Long telephone conversations deep into the night, heart throbbing included, although Christian hates to phone beyond the purpose of the call!

The culmination: on 17th June 2007 at last the magical first kiss under a Ficus benjamina! The continuation of this fascinating story occurs at light speed: the next day at Barbara Streisand Concert at the Hallenstadion ......that's how magic works!

The rest you know already, or in other words the fairy tale carries on: they lived happily ever after ....!


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