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Christian Wenk an seinem Arbeitsort

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Medicine News:

Professional Experience

After Christian Wenk had studied music for three semesters at the Zurich Conservatory, he began his medical studies. Two years before completing his studies in autumn of 2000, the fateful accident happened. At that time he trained in Japan as a successful duathlete. In an interview, Christian Wenk said:

"The accident happened on September 20th in 2000. Three weeks I was fighting for survival. My rehabilitation began around October 10th and 10 weeks later I was back home. On the 1st of January 2001, I joined my first job as an assistant. At the beginning it was quite difficult because the cycle and the load were unstable. My boss fortunately respected my handicap. But already in February, I worked in the internal medicine at the University Hospital of Zurich. "

2002 Christian Wenk obtained at University of Zurich the diploma in medicine. The topic of his 1999 doctoral thesis was published, the spinal cord regeneration ("Increased Corticofugal Plasticity after Unilateral Cortical Lesions Combined with Neutralization of the IN-1 antigen in Adult Rats").

One of his professional goals, recognition as a specialist in internal medicine FMH, Christian Wenk has been successfully achieved in the summer of 2009! Since January 1st 2009 he worked as senior physician at Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil.

Activities (in chronological order):

01.01.2003 until 31.12.2003
Intern at University Hospital of Zurich, Department of Anaesthesiology

01.06.2004 until 31.12.2004
Intern at University Hospital of Zurich, Neurosurgical Clinic

01.02.2005 until 31.01.2007
Intern at Hospital Bulach, Department of Medicine

01.04.2007 until 30.06.2007 & 01.10.2007 until 31.12.2007
Assistant to René Hartmeier for general medical practice in Bassersdorf

01.07.2007 until 30.09.2007 & 01.01.2008 until 31.12.2008
Intern at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, Department of Medicine

since 01/01/2009
Assistant Medical Director at Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Further degrees and diplomas